True story

I grew up in rural Nebraska and have lived in Europe since 2009, which should tell you almost everything you need to know about growing up in rural Nebraska. When asked where I’m from, I’m often tempted to lie and say somewhere cool and cosmopolitan that more accurately reflects the surface sophistication of my profession, but I’m bad at lying and liars make a terrible first impression.


You probably haven’t heard of me unless you really, really like people who direct deeper-than- average commercials, or happen to be someone who might need one yourself, or you might’ve dined at a less-than-stellar downtown Applebee’s in Lincoln, Nebraska, between 2005-2009. I was the hungover-looking waiter with the big butt. Apparently this was called a Baseball Butt. So if a college student with a smartass smirk and a Baseball Butt stubbornly memorized your entire party’s order in an effort to appear professional and hopefully get a bigger tip, that was me. The restaurant has since burned down.


In case you don’t already know, there’s a wonderful South African gentleman with the exact same name (different spelling) who’s also a commercial director. He’s won tons of stuff. I’m told we even look vaguely alike, myself of course being the slightly younger and arguably better-looking version. I’ve heard he’s fantastic though—so much so that many people who’ve worked with him have mistakenly emailed me instead, gushing with thanks and praise. I enjoy these emails immensely.


I love music of all kinds, and if a location we film at happens to have a backyard pool, there’s a good chance I’ll jump in.



Asics, BMW, Converse, Levi’s, Volkswagen, McD’s, Coca-Cola, Bosch, Smart, Kleenex, Zipfer, Camel Active, ING DiBa, Stiegl, Trelegy, A2 Milk, SNCF, Langbrett, Brutting, Vienna Insurance Group, MSD, Dr. Oetker, Julius Meinl, and more.


Based in Berlin. Loves Mexican food.


Speaks pretty good German “for an American.”


Also speaks Spanish and French to impress.